All the Niggly Bits about Bookings!


Conditions of an Offer - Winter

Offers are made according to availability at the time of the offer. Availability changes frequently and offers not “held open” may not be available later. Guests may request that an offer be “held open” for 10 calendar days. To accept an offer, a deposit of 50 Euro must be paid. After an offer has been “held open” for 10 days without the receipt of a deposit, the available accommodation will be offered to other enquirers. The above conditions apply to ALL requests for accommodation, be they from new enquirers, previous guests or friends. We would really appreciate that enquirer’s reply to our offers if only to let us know that it has not been accepted.

Conditions of a Booking - Winter

Once a deposit has been received the booking will be confirmed by us. Once confirmed, the client can consider the booking secure.

Full payment is due a minimum of 6 weeks before arrival.

Non payment of any balance outstanding by the due date may be considered as a cancellation

Cancellation charges - Winter

• Greater than 3 months before date of arrival Administration charge (25 Euro per person)

• Greater than 6 weeks before date of arrival Original deposit

• 4 to 6 weeks before date of arrival 40% of total agreed price

• 1 to 4 weeks before date of arrival 70% of total agreed price

• Later than 1 week before date of arrival 90% of total agreed price

In the event that we have to cancel a booking, we will do our upmost to find alternative accommodation in the SkiWelt area. Should we be unable to do so, we will make a full refund of all monies paid to us.

Deposits are not refundable within 3 months of the date of arrival. In the event of a very early cancellation we may, at our discretion, allow the booking deposit to be used for a holiday on another date, but only if we find alternative guests to fill the original booking and we may charge an administrative fee. Deposits retained and put towards a holiday on another date must be used within 15 months.

Any cancellations or changes to a booking should be reported to us asap by email or in writing. We will do our upmost to accommodate your requirements.


Conditions of an Offer - Summer

We are very easy going in the summer!!  Summer bookings generally require no deposit unless the booking is exceptionally large and is for very high season, when we may ask for a deposit.  In such circumstances, cancellation less than 2 weeks before arrival would result in the loss of the deposit.

Accomodation charges in summer (or balance of) are paid on departure.  We are, therefore, very much trusting people to honour the bookings they have made.  If you have made a booking, we sincerely ask that if you can not fulfil the booking that you let us know as soon as possible.

On-line bookings, made greater than one week before arrival, require a deposit of 20%.  This deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled within 6 weeks of arrival.